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Cedar Repair on Renovation

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Want to add some space to your house?  But you don’t want to spend a fortune on your roof? We can solve that problem for you, no matter what it is. 

Cedar Roof Repair - Langley 006

We have the skills it takes to finish the job right.  No matter what the material is, we can work with it.  On this repair, the customer wanted to add another large room onto there house.  This will be the third addition.  1/2” tapersawn shingles were used on this 5/12 pitch tie in.  At the “dead valley” or “low slope area”, we chose to use a “2 ply torch on system” as well as “sand/base” for fireproofing.  After carefully tearing off the existing cedar shingles, and the nails, we were ready to start installing the new cedar.  One must be very careful not to damage the existing “felt paper” or “tar paper”, as it is a key factor in keeping the roof waterproof.  All and all the repair went very well.  It looks very nice and the cedar shingles will start to blend with each other after a few years.  New attic exhaust vents were added, these vents will ensure the roof lasts a long time.  It is important to have proper soffit ventilation as well.  The soffit is the area under your roof overhangs.  These lower areas are used for fresh air intake. 

Cedar Repair 248st 016

This chimney will never leak, we guarantee it.   Multiple layers of protection ensure the water flows of exactly the way we want it to.  For this chimney we had to use EPDM rubber combined with metal back pans on the rears sides.  All the water is guided onto the torch-on valley.  This torch-on is “stripped” in for maximum protection.  Both the smooth layer of torch-on underneath and the granulated layer on top are stripped in.  Later the siding will be finished.  We suggest having us come back to clean off the roof once a year.



Concrete Stairs

Waterproofing –  Cover your concrete with Torch On

We provide waterproofing solutions as well.  Install torch on over concrete before back filling.  In the picture above we are protecting the plywood before a concrete stair case is poured.


Torch on using the board and tape method.


This method uses a fireproof board over an existing deck, sometimes known as a recovery board.

Base Layer of Torch On

After the seems are sealed with a special tape, we apply the base or smooth layer of torch on.  It is later capped with layer of torch on with granules embedded.

Torch On

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Torch On Roofing.  Bring Out The Torch, Nothings Getting Through Our Hot Welded Seems.


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With Safety In Mind, And Careful Planning, Torch On Is Ideal For Flat Roofing.


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We’ll Take Care Of Those RoofTop Decks, And Other Tricky Situations.


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