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Whats Eating Your Roof?


Vancouver’s weather conditions are ideal for moss and algae growth.  These shingles are less than 10 years old.  Don’t let this happen to your roof.  Call us to get your moss situation under control or to inquire about moss prevention.

Free estimates on maintenance, repairs and roofing.  Call Now 604–715–2126.

Maintenance service available:

  • Roof Cleaning –  Hot wash all types of roofs.  Cedar, Tile, Metal, Duroid.
  • Gutter Cleaning –  Inside and out.  Have a pro clean your gutters, and check your roof at the same time.
  • Moss Control –  Wether it be removal, or ultimately prevention, we protect and clean molds, moss, and algae.
  • Yearly maintenance packages.  We save you money, we make your roof last longer.

Call us today:

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  • Competitive prices.
  • WorkSafeBC insured.
  • 3 million liability.
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Vancouver Roofing and Chimney Repair

Chimney Counter and Pot Cap Vancouver BC Roofing

Vancouver chimney repair, new counter flashing and base flashing on the roof.  A chimney pot (cap) was installed to the top of the chimney.  It will be secured in place with mortar.  New drip edge metal on the gables was also installed on this home.

Call 604–715–2126 for pricing.

Cedar Roofing

Cedar re roof in Richmond BC old growth 7/8

Cedar Roofing –  Truly the “Roots” of RoofRite

Back in the day, RoofRite started as a cedar roofing company.  The first project we ever took was a cedar to cedar re-roof in Ladner, BC.  That was all the way back in 1993 before RoofRite was even officially registered.  Since then, we have strived to install only the highest quality of cedar available.  Pictured above is a cedar re-roof we completed that covered almost 4000 square feet.  Using old growth taper sawn 7/8” thick cedar shingles, we came out with truly amazing looking finished product.

Rooftop delivery of old growth cedar.

Old Growth Cedar

When cedar reaches a mature age it releases a chemical into the wood that helps to preserve the wood.  New growth cedar shingles are made out of 7 year old cedar trees.  Old growth should last 30 years when maintained and treated.  New growth cedar wears out in about 12 to 15 years in our experience.

Cedar roof installation

Tar Paper

Between the shingles is a layer of tar paper or felt paper that is woven over the tips of every course (row).



New Skylight Installations

New Skylights

New Skylight Installation

Columbia, Velux, top brands, installed right.  We are equipped to handle all skylight installations.  Whether you have an existing skylight that needs to be replaced, or a would like a new skylight installed where non exists RoofRite will deliver a professional long lasting product. 

  • Skylights that open.
  • Skylights that automatically close at the first signs of rain.

  • Custom fitting skylights and factory orders.
  • Brown, Grey, Black, we match your roof with the right color.
  • Sealed and secured from the inside for added security.

Call us at 604–715–2126 and we will meet your needs.


Velux Sun Tunnel

Sun Tunnel Cutting Hole

Sun Tunnel Installation

Not enough space for a skylight?  Looking for an easy solution to a dimly lit room?  The answer is simply, a Velux Sun Tunnel.  We can install these virtually anywhere in you house.  The first step is to pin point where you would like it.  Next we cut a whole in your ceiling and in the roof.  Each kit comes with the parts necessary to finish the ceiling, the light tube that reflects the natural light tube, and the flange and “bubble” to be installed on the roof.

Sun Tunnel Flange

Sun Tunnel Flange

At this point the ceiling is finished and the tube has been attached to the flange.

Sun Tunnel Installed

Finished Product

This is all you see from the road.  A rather attractive and durable sealed unit.  No need to worry about leaking with a top brand such as Velux.  Call us today to light up that dark hallway or anywhere else in your house.



Concrete Stairs

Waterproofing –  Cover your concrete with Torch On

We provide waterproofing solutions as well.  Install torch on over concrete before back filling.  In the picture above we are protecting the plywood before a concrete stair case is poured.


Chimney Pot

Chimney Pot or Chimney Cap

Chimney Pot

We install chimney pots, or chimney caps.  There are different sizes available, the solid concrete design ensures the pot will stay in place.  It is important to keep the inside of your chimney dry, it is also an excellent time to install wire mesh to keep

the critters out of your chimney as well.



RoofRite Custom Metal Flashing

Drip Catch Edge and Fascia Wrap

Custom Metal Flashing Services Offered

  • Fascia Wrap – Cover your gables with metal to protect from the elements. 
  • Color Matching – Custom factory metal flashing no need to paint again.
  • Chimney Counter Flashing – Wrap your chimney with new metal.

    Cut into brick or otherwise. 

  • We Do Much more.  Call 604–715–2126
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