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New Construction – Richmond, BC

Kingfisher before

Completed December 10, 2010

One of our many projects in Richmond.  We’ve provided service to Richmond and take pride in doing work.  The wind blows hard off the ocean, installed on this home are Landmark Ultimate TL Algae Resistant shingles.  They have a lifetime warranty and a high wind

warranty as well.


Chimney Top Repair

Chimney Top Replacement

Does your chimney look like the one on the left?  Chances are it’s leaking.

We will replace the top pan.  Taller sides help to protect and cover the existing exposed wood.  No need to paint in the future.

Condensation causes the pan to drip into the chimney cavity.  We eliminate this by sloping our pans to the outside.  We also ventilate the chimney to almost eliminate the moisture caused by the hot pipes inside.

Total cost to the customer is $400.00 + HST.

Torch on using the board and tape method.


This method uses a fireproof board over an existing deck, sometimes known as a recovery board.

Base Layer of Torch On

After the seems are sealed with a special tape, we apply the base or smooth layer of torch on.  It is later capped with layer of torch on with granules embedded.

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